About Fiona

When someone dies, it is a very difficult time for everyone. There are so many things to do, essential things, whilst at the same time grieving for the person you’ve lost. The service I provide helps you organise a funeral, making it appropriate and reflecting the person who has recently passed away.

I come and visit you, talk to you, and members of your family about the person, I form an idea of what the person would have liked, and how best to represent them. This can take the form of music, words, poetry and sometimes items which were important to the person and to you. Each service is individual, because everyone is individual, and I spend time researching suitable words.

The music is recorded onto a CD and taken in advance to wherever the ceremony is to take place and thus no hitches on the day. I also provide a copy of the script that I write so that everyone is aware of how the ceremony will go.

I have carried out all sorts of ceremonies, from the tragic early death of a young woman in a car accident to the more usual deaths of elderly family members. I can include prayers or the occasional hymn, if either of them are important to the person or the congregation.

All the feedback Ive had (and there is quite a lot) has been positive and grateful for what Ive done.

I am a trained counsellor and have had personal experience of tragic early death; my brother having died at the comparatively young age of 42. I hope this makes me empathetic to families, and I think it helps me provide a good service,that I am proud of and that is right for you ..

My charges are comparatively low, with no hidden extras